Unity in the Church

Unity in the Church While a member of Mars Hill Church, I was honored to serve on the team that wrote inductive studies in support of the sermon series. From 2011 to 2014, we wrote seven inductive studies; many are … Read More

What is an Executive Pastor?

What is an Executive Pastor? Serve Jesus. Serve your church. Serve your lead pastor. This simple job description defines the role of the executive pastor. At Mars Hill, the executive pastor (XP) was the second hire we made for any … Read More

What Does It Take To Be #2?

Who’s best suited to serve the #1? Someone who has been in that spot before. What makes a great executive pastor? This is a question I have been asked often by church pastors looking for help finding an executive pastor. … Read More

Opposites Impact: Lead & Executive Pastors

Opposites Impact: Lead & Executive Pastors Lead pastors often have a tough time finding an executive pastor because they tend to look for a version of themselves, but the second-in-charge should never be a clone. Instead, the lead and executive … Read More

Leadership the Lady’s Way

Leadership the Lady’s Way As women in the workplace, we can display our calling to nurture life through professional development. WOMAN’S WORLD DAILY In 1966, James Brown sang the lyrics, “This is a man’s, man’s, man’s world.” Two generations later, … Read More

The Second-in-Charge: Are you a Haman or a Joseph?

The Second-in-Charge: Are you a Haman or a Joseph?   Whether you are a COO, a vice president, or an executive pastor, a second-in- charge by definition serves the leader of an organization. More than an executive assistant, the second-in-charge … Read More

Wielding God’s Sword in Prayer

Wielding God’s Sword in Prayer God’s word is a sharp two-edged sword that discerns thoughts and intentions of the heart (Heb. 4:12; Eph. 6:17). But how do we wield it? While the study of Scripture renews our minds (Rom. 12:1–2), … Read More

Women Leading Up

Women Leading Up Influence doesn’t require a position at the top of the organizational chart. No matter your title, you can lead, if you master the art of leading up.  Although I’ve managed corporate finances at the CFO level for … Read More

Holy Spirit

5 Ways the Holy Spirit Works

5 Ways the Holy Spirit Works in the Life of a Believer My wife and I have a fun saying between us where we’ll ask the other, “Has your friend said anything to you lately?” I love the Holy Spirit. … Read More

Equipping Pastors | Congo

Equipping Pastors | Congo Five years ago this month, I was invited to go to the Kinshasa, Congo to teach pastors from all over the country about leadership. Starting in 2006, I had the great opportunity to assist pastors in … Read More

An Executive Pastor Calling

An Executive Pastor Calling Sutton Turner spent his first 35 years accumulating everything a man could want: a successful business, a beautiful wife and kids, a golf swing, lots of money, and plenty of free time to enjoy the finer … Read More

Cityscape Interview in Abu Dhabi

Cityscape Interview in Abu Dhabi With a team of 23 people, I had the privilege to launch Khidmah (“service” in arabic) back in 2009. The Lord was gracious and the company grew very fast, employing 495 people in just 12 … Read More

Sex is a Thermostat by Marci Turner

Sex is a Thermostat Valentine’s Day was last week and it can be easy to start seeing marriage, sex, and love through the world’s eyes. In the wake of Valentine’s Day, my wife’s post on marriage relationships is extremely helpful. “I never … Read More