Wielding God’s Sword in Prayer

Wielding God’s Sword in Prayer God’s word is a sharp two-edged sword that discerns thoughts and intentions of the heart (Heb. 4:12; Eph. 6:17). But how do we wield it? While the study of Scripture renews our minds (Rom. 12:1–2), … Read More

Women Leading Up

Women Leading Up Influence doesn’t require a position at the top of the organizational chart. No matter your title, you can lead, if you master the art of leading up.  Although I’ve managed corporate finances at the CFO level for … Read More

The Real Wonder Woman

The Real Wonder Woman The ficticious comic book heroine feeds a woman’s desire to save the world in her own strength, but the real wonder woman lives for Jesus’ glory. My friend and I have this thing with Wonder Woman. … Read More

The Other Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day

The Other Mothers, Happy Mother’s Day I’ve read blog after blog this week anticipating Mother’s Day. Blogs about guilt and pride, and some about the origin of Mother’s Day. Blogs for women who can’t have children, and others for children … Read More

Unequally Yoked

Unequally Yoked When I married my husband 18 years ago, I thought I was marrying a saved man. Two years in, I realized if he was a Christian, he sure wasn’t living like one. Paul writes to the Corinthians, “Do … Read More