5 Things I Learned About Jesus In Ethiopia

5 THINGS I LEARNED ABOUT JESUS IN ETHIOPIA #TBT2014 Recently, I met with all the Mars Hill Church Tacoma leaders and shared with them what I saw, experienced, and learned on my trip to Ethiopia. Here are five things from … Read More

Mars Hill In Ethiopia: Video Recap

MARS HILL IN ETHIOPIA: VIDEO RECAP #TBT Pastor Sutton Turner shows us what the Lord is doing in Ethiopia, where he recently led a group of 11 church leaders to preach and encourage the church planters that you are supporting. … Read More

Living Water

Living Water When I first got back from Ethiopia, I was a mess emotionally. Seeing all the poverty and suffering there split my heart open. My wife assured me that it’s normal to feel that way after a short-term mission trip—she … Read More

Apply Now To Go To Ethiopia

APPLY NOW TO GO TO ETHIOPIA Mars Hill will be hosting several short-term mission trips to Ethiopia in 2015. We are so excited to host these trips in partnership with our friends at New Covenant Foundation. Several pastors went earlier … Read More

Introducing Mars Hill Go

INTRODUCING MARS HILL GO Today we are making some changes to Mars Hill Global, and introducing Mars Hill GO. MARS HILL GO A ministry of Mars Hill that supports churches and church planters around the world. “And [Jesus] said to … Read More

Faith To Move Mountains

FAITH TO MOVE MOUNTAINS It was day two of the three-day conference for church leaders in Dilla, Ethiopia. Over 2,000 people gathered to worship Jesus and to be trained and encouraged. Throughout the day’s events, church planters continued to share … Read More

“I Am The God Who . . .”

“I AM THE GOD WHO . . .” “Say therefore to the people of Israel, ‘I am the Lord, and I will bring you out from under the burdens of the Egyptians, and I will deliver you from slavery to … Read More

Why The Sad Face?

WHY THE SAD FACE? Our flight from Seattle to Ethiopia had an overnight stop in Dubai where we walked through the world’s largest shopping mall with over 1,200 shops and gawked at a fish tank with a 90-foot wide viewing … Read More

To Global, Thanks For Everything. Love, Tacoma.

TO GLOBAL, THANKS FOR EVERYTHING. LOVE, TACOMA. As a pastor I have the privilege and joy of seeing and celebrating amazing evidences of God’s grace in the lives of his people. This past year was no exception as there have … Read More

Place Of Prayer

PLACE OF PRAYER During our visit to our church planters in Ethiopia, we heard testimony after testimony of Jesus equipping and empowering his workers for the mission, as well as Jesus saving people by the power of the gospel. In … Read More

New Life For The Spiritually Dead

NEW LIFE FOR THE SPIRITUALLY DEAD I was incredibly blessed to participate in the 2014 Ethiopia trip with Pastor Sutton. Since I spent most of my twenties as a missionary in many of Asia’s third world nations, this felt like … Read More

Thanks, Mars Hill Global. Love, Mars Hill Bellevue.

THANKS, MARS HILL GLOBAL. LOVE, MARS HILL BELLEVUE. Three years ago I had the privilege of sharing with our Bellevue church thatMars Hill Global was making it possible to move into our new building. I cannot express how grateful our … Read More

Serve, Suffer, Rejoice, And Love

SERVE, SUFFER, REJOICE, AND LOVE In Romans 1:16, the Apostle Paul emphatically exhorts the Christians in Rome that he is “not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the … Read More

A Journal Of Ethiopia

A JOURNAL OF ETHIOPIA When a number of our Mars Hill leaders went on a trip to Ethiopia in March this year, we asked a few of them to keep journals of their experiences. This is the journal of Pastor … Read More

Online Petition Formed, “Mars Hill Church, Tell Us How Much “Global Fund” Money Was Spent On “International” Outreach.”

Online Petition Formed, “Mars Hill Church, Tell Us How Much “Global Fund” Money Was Spent On “International” Outreach.”   In July 2014, questions were raised expressing a desire to understand where the funds given to the ‘Global Fund’ had been … Read More

Who Wants To Go To Ethiopia?

WHO WANTS TO GO TO ETHIOPIA? Mars Hill Church is preparing to send out short-term mission trips to Ethiopia in 2015. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples of all the nations, and we are excited … Read More

Smiles On A Bus

SMILES ON A BUS As I write this, I’m on a bus with twelve other Mars Hill leaders driving from Dilla, Ethiopia to Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia to catch a flight out of the country. The bus … Read More

Evangelists In Ethiopia: ‘Please Pray For Me’

Evangelists In Ethiopia: ‘Please Pray For Me’ Download Here This post is republished material from Mars Hill Church for teaching and archive purposes only.

Thank You Mars Hill Global. Sincerely, Mars Hill Everett

Thank You Mars Hill Global. Sincerely, Mars Hill Everett Download Here This post is republished material from Mars Hill Church for teaching and archive purposes only.

To The Ends Of The Earth: The Ethiopian Eunuch

TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH: THE ETHIOPIAN EUNUCH The account of the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts is the first account we have of the gospel going forth to the ends of the earth. And yet, there are many people … Read More