Sutton Turner


“I found Invest helpful in its call to successful, trained and called businessmen to consider bringing their skills from the world of business to the local church.”
Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, ON


Life is the greatest asset you’ll ever have. Are you wasting it, or investing it?

Sutton Turner spent his first 35 years accumulating everything a man could want: a successful business, a beautiful wife and kids, a golf swing, lots of money, and plenty of free time to enjoy the finer things. But he could not buy enough, earn enough, or drink enough to escape the haunting question: What’s the point?

Somewhere between continents, cultures, commerce, and Christ, the story took a turn for the better, and now Sutton Turner is eager to share his experience with others like him. This book is for older men ready to give whatever they have left. This book is for young men anxious to give all they’ve got. It may be a year or it may be a lifetime, but it’s never too late to invest your gifts in the greatest mission the world has ever known.

Like any good investment, however, this one comes with risk. Consider yourself warned: what you’ll read in these pages could destroy your meticulous ten-year plan. This isn’t gonna be easy, but it will be worth it.

In 2008 Sutton Turner (CEO) and Abdulla Saeed Al Qamzi (Managing Director) founded a real estate company in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Sutton and Abdulla are pictured here in front of a model of Al Reem Island, a $30 Billion development. This was just one of the many business ventures he had the privilege to undertake and execute. During this time, he had the incredible opportunity of living as a Bible-believing, Jesus-loving Christian. He had employees, friends, and clients who were Muslim, Hindi, and Sikh with whom he was able to be friends and serve everyday.

Sutton Turner was the executive pastor and an executive elder of Mars Hill Church in Seattle. He spent several years in the business world, working in Texas and the Middle East before God called him to serve at Mars Hill. Turner oversaw the church’s central operations and business functions, including finance, property, media and communications, and technology. He trained and mentored the executive pastors and deacons across all Mars Hill Church locations.

Many rumors and media attention has surrounded Sutton’s tenure at Mars Hill Church and Sutton has written extensively about the truth and the lesson’s learned while serving the Church in Seattle. There was also a very public and failed civil RICO litigation against Sutton which he has written a detailed account on how he was falsely accused, never served and defamed through the entire ordeal.

In light of all this, Sutton would still tell you that his first and most important ministry is right in his home. He has been a husband to Marci for almost two decades, and is dad to Grace, Faye, and Joseph.


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